Why Prophet Owuor does not shave his long beards

Might Prophet of God Prophet Owuor has never shaved his long beards in the last 28 years and counting.

This post will reveal to you the reason for this, one of prophet Owuor’s close confidants spilled the beans and confessed for the world to know.

Prophet Dr Edward David Owuor is one of the most popular preachers of the modern era in Kenya.

He is known for electrifying preaching,miracles, prophecies, stylish clothing and flamboyancy.Dr. Owuor is among the famous and wealthiest preachers in the country.

The Repentance and Holiness ministry boasts of a large following in Kenya and also oversees.

When Dr. Owour is about to hold a crusade the streets are usually cleaned and washed by the followers.

Dr. Owour receives reception like that of a sitting president, from security to expensive cars he travels across the country.He is also the most guarded man of God. Many know him as Prophet but is he is also a known scientist.

Owuor earned his first degree from Makerere University, his second at University of Nairobi and his Master’s degree in Genetics at Ben Gurion, Israel.

He then proceeded for his PhD in Molecular Genetics at University of Haifa and was immediately offered appointment by two leading institutions in Medicine in the US.

What makes Dr Owour stand out apart from his miracles and prophecies are his very long beards. One of prophet Owuor’s close confidants intimated that the Might Prophet of God has not shaved the beards for 28 years. According to him, there is a secret in having long beards.

Why Prophet Owuor does not shave his long beards?

According to some of his followers in Kibera, Prophet Dr Owour never shaves his beards.
Samson Andege, Owour’s close follower in Highrise estate of Kibera constituency, claims that Dr Oduor has kept his long beards for the last 38 years.

Many of Dr. Prophet Owour followers believe that the beards symbolise his prophetic mission.

“If you read the scriptures, Prophets had certain characteristics through which they were identified and long beards was part of them,” Owour’s follower revealed.

‘if he mistakenly cuts them, that will be the end of his magic powers!” Owuor’s close confidant confessed.

The shocking information reveals that Owuor’s powers are in the beards and if he cuts them, he won’t be able to heal. The follower also revealed that the beards gives him a unique look, that separates him from the rest of his followers.

Canadian-based barrister, Dr. Miguna Miguna picked a fight with prophet Owuor over the outbreak of the deadly disease Coronavirus.Using his twitter handle he called for prophet Owour to shave his long unkempt beard, saying it could be breeding covid 19/Coronavirus.

“Prophet” Owuor: How come you failed to prophesy about the #CoronavirusOutbreak? Is your long beard safe or your disciples should socially distant themselves from it? Kenyans deserve to be healthy and safe right here and now. Don’t distract them with heaven” Dr. Miguna Miguna tweeted.

In June 2018, Self-proclaimed prophet Dr David Owuor stunned many people when he miraculously healed the sick during a two day crusade at Nairobi’s City Park.

A section of Kenyans have accused Dr Owour of performing fake miracle and misleading his followers.The Atheists Association of Kenya has been calling on the government to investigate Dr Owuor.

Dr Owuor responded,he refuted claims of performing fake miracles.

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