Kenyan Politicians favorite Alcoholic Drinks – Uhuru, Raila, Kibaki

Apart from politicians insulting each other in public and giving citizens fake promises.Our post today will cover a different side of them, Kenyan Politicians favorite Alcoholic Drinks.

Apart from politicking, Politicians also do have fun away from the public eye at the end of the day.They know all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Your favorite Kenyan Politician do know how to unwind themselves at the end of the Day.Some indulge in drinking moderately,others prefer parties,sheesha, weed and women.

Here is the list of Kenyan Politicians favorite Alcoholic Drinks;

Raila Odinga 

Raila Odinga’s favorite drink is whiskey, Hennessy.

Moses Wetangula 

Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula is another drinker but on the low and always avoids paparazzi .

His favorite alcoholic drink is Tusker.

Few years ago, a photo of him went viral after being spotted with slay queens living his best life.Some of the comments from Kenyans were hilarious like below;

“Why is Moses Wetangula (future president) looking like a rehabilitated drug addict?” A Kenyan Commented.

Mwai Kibaki

Kenya’s third President Mwai Kibaki is known for scaling major developments in the country during his reign.

The former President of Kenya served between December 2002 and April 2013.

Like other politicians, Kibaki loves to wind up with a bottle of beer Tusker to be specific.

We managed to get a hold of a rare photo enjoying his favorite drink.

The shadowy Alfred “Anglo Leasing” Gitonga pictured here in London with President Mwai Kibaki.He could be seen with a Glass of Tusker. This was shortly before the 2002 general elections that brought Kibaki to power.

Uhuru Kenyatta (Jayden).

Uhuru Kenyatta (Jameson Kinyua Wanjohi) aka Jayden loves his drink the way a baby loves the mother’s milk.His favorite drink is Whiskey, Glenlivet.

Babu Owino

Controversial politician Babu Owino is known to enjoy parties, Alcohol, weed and s3xy women.This does not come cheap, its alleged he rents houses where he invites friends and ladies to party all weekend.

Babu Owino, Embakasi East MP favorite drink is blended whiskey, Black Label.

Apart from drinking Alcohol. Hon Owino Paul Ongili is a regular Sheesha smoker and loves chewing s3xy petite beautiful women.

Mike Sonko 

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko is known to love parties. When it comes to Parties he doesn’t  even spare a coin.

Mike Sonko’s favorite drink is Whiskey, Black Label and also Hennessy.

Sonko once posted on his Facebook page outlining the benefits of drinking whisky.This included, avoiding weight gain, promoting a healthy heart, fighting cancer, improving brain health and reducing risk of stroke.

Other benefits listed are reducing stress, boosting memory, helping in digestion, lengthening lifespan and safety for people suffering from diabetes.

He explained the benefits of drinking whisky but in moderation and not excessively



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