Kenyan IT Guru unmasks Mary Wangechi Viral Lady who stole Camera equipments

The middle aged woman who went viral on Facebook for stealing camera equipment while posing as a customer has been finally identified hours after the post was shared.

The suspect managed to steal two cameras, a Nikkon 750 and Lumix from popular Kikuyu gospel artist Karangu Muraya at his studio along Kamakis Bypass.

A Kenyan IT guru,Elijah,has been praised by netigens for unmasking the Lady.

Elijah, Using open-source intelligence-gathering skills. He managed to unmask the name of the lady as Mary Wangechi.

He narrated in a series of posts of how he managed to unmask her.

Steps: 1. download the image

And found pictures of her and her son on Instagram.

Step 2: Google Image reverse search, crop the face for accurate details.

Step 3: Follow her footprints and found that she goes by the names Nancy Chebet but her real names are Mary Wangechi.

4. Comb Instagram followers

And yes there is a picture of the same accused woman on her Instagram page stories. See below

Peep the following and followers and you will see her whole family on that insta page and from that one can note where she lives and so on.

And ironically this was her Instagram story since 8 hours ago :
Instagram story link: CLICK HERE

Her Tiktok account>>>

This is not the first time Wangechi has been involved in such criminal activities.

In 2019 Mary wangechi and her friend stole a bag belonging to Bonface Mwangi.


A deeper search on the internet revealed that the suspect was among three women who allegedly made away with Sh750,000 from a businessman in a theft that occurred in May 2020.

The trio trailed Stephen Keru Kahiu from a bank on Thika Superhighway until he parked outside Powerstar Supermarket on Mwiki Road.

They had rented a car from a dealer and driven behind him.

CCTV cameras caught them breaking into the businessman’s car and stealing the money before fleeing towards Mwiki.

Kahiu, who was shown the vehicles seen adjacent to his car by the guards, gave chase but was unable to catch them.

He later reported the incident to the Kasarani Police Station.

It is our hope that with the information provided, relevant authorities will take swift action and bring the perpetrator of this crime to justice.

Below are some of the Kenyan reactions

Fednard Mogusu: DCI pay this guy, he’s doing your job

Mubaba for creative:
Nice work. Uko mbele kama mfuko ya shati. Obviously @DCI_Kenya are either lazy, complacent or just unwilling to help wanainchi.

cess_nyangi:@DCI_Kenya give this guy all your money.

charles abraham:Ei ngapata ndiziyai legit

mturandom:Very good job man.

KahiLloyd:The skills our government will never employ because they are not shareholders. Things cops will never get to the foot of.

Tsunade: The research. Wow

DjTreHustle: In London they say you can’t hide from Osint. You deserve The President’s Award plus the order of the burning spear. Congratulations broski kazi moja safi!! Endelea hivo hivo!!

peternjosh134:Fear digital my friends,not women coz we love them.

Mangua_: One Kenyan in a few hours did what a police department with a budget cannot in a lifetime

fqgiraffe:These days, with technology. and the presence of tools online, getting away from crime is difficult.


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