Why Willis Raburu’s Gengetone Festival Flopped Badly

By now you know over the weekend there was a gengetone festival held in Machakos and it flopped badly.

After restrictions of the curfew was relaxed and time extended, numerous managers have tried their best to revive the dying concerts in Kenya.

Gengetone festival was just but the beginning,it was held this past weekend on 31st Octoner 2020.Tickets were going from one thousand bob.From the Kenyans who atttended the concert, they were disappointed as artists did not perform and the turnout was very low.

Here are the reasons why Why Willis Raburu’s Gengetone Festival Flopped Badly.

1.Kenyans Mood.
Most Kenyans are not in the mood for concerts. After the Corona Curfew and temporary lockdown, people are used to the lifestyle without concerts.They have to be taken slowly and baby sitted.

How dare the event organizers put concert in Machakos. They could have place a more centralized place.People want to go to a place that is near and also where they wont be caught on the road past curfew hours.

3. Price of the Tickets.
The organizers just decided to put the price that is beyond reach of the gengetone fans.The price was high as it was ksh.1000 bob.

4.Organizers had no money
For those who don’t know setting up a concert is a gamble and also costly.You never know if the fans will show up or even if they will buy your tickets.

One has to take a leap of faith,meantime you will pay from your pocket,the people setting the sound,Sound engineers,catering team,security team among others.

Judging the way the organizers failed to pay artists full money was a red alert, this simply means money collected was not enough to pay all the artists as most of the money was used to pay guys setting up the stage and sound.

5.Poor Marketing
To be honest most of the Gengetone Artists and also management failed to market the event effectively.They simply just put a poster and little wordings.No wonder many people were never aware of the event,maybe true fans could have showed up.

Sadly the event was known after it flopped badly trending on social media after a low turnout

6.Artists did not perform
After fans showed up for the event, they were disappointed as artists never performed and just watched their money go down the toilet.It was later known that artists never performed because they were never paid their full money as agreed by the event organizers.
Gengetone Festival


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