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    Lil Kim dresscode pale MTV Awards...Weh

    lil' kim arriving at the mtv movie awards, 2001
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    Huyu dj mrembo aliamua kuvaa hivyo..Hadi tunaona Nyondos

    Huyu dj mrembo aliamua kuvaa hivyo..Hadi tunaona Nyondos
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    Mmeona hii TBT photo ya Raila Odinga with the wife

    Beautiful tbt photo of young Raila Odinga with his wife.
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    Mwalimu Rachel's side of the story about Sailors..This is just sad

    Mwalimu Rachel has told her side of the story regarding Sailors...She uploaded the video and it seems Sailors messed themselves up by joining Black market label Enyewe people should be careful about Record labels they can actually F*ck u up Watch the video below
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    Why would someone do this to Boychild

    Why would a lady to this to a guy.
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    Meet Nakuru Man with 6 Fingers

    Meet James Kamau, who hails from Karushwa Location, Dundori Ward in Bahati, Nakuru County. James is not your ordinary masseur. He has a unique feature that keeps his customers coming back- an extra finger on either hand. “I remember at one point in primary school, there was a mathematics...
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    Why Davido's show failed in Kenya

    Why Davido's Nairobi show failed... 1. Performance fees 250K USD (Ksh 28 million) 2. 50K USD (Ksh 5.5m) to cater for his private jet or rather his dad's. Davido's entourage consists of btwn 15-16 pple. Gave the organizers a deadline to deposit the money. They just couldn't
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    Nairobi expressway damage Compensation

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    Mmeona vile huyu mrembo alivaa kwa Club weh

    Mmeona vile huyu mrembo alivaa kwa Club weh
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    Kanze Dena TBT photo...Mali Safi kabisa 🔥🔥🔥

    Kanze Dena TBT photo...Mali Safi kabisa 🔥🔥🔥 Mwenye alikua anagwara hii kitu alikua anaenjoy kweli
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    Why Kapsabet Boys is trending

    Kapsabet boys high school hawapendi Ujinga Kweli .From the recent results they scored a whopping 104 straight As and 192 A-! They managed a mean score of 10.688 Here are Kenyans reactions
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    Miguna Miguna's comment about Mwai Kibaki Angers some Kenyans Weh

    Miguna Miguna’s condoles KIBAKI. Asks him to ROT IN HELL.See the Screenshot below and Kenyans Comments
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    Huyu mrembo aliamua kuvaa hivi kwa Club

    Mrembo aliamua kuvaa hivi kwa club...
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    Why Warere is trending on Social Media Weh

    A lady by the name Zainab Oladehide has shared her bad and shocking experience in Warere beach hotel in Zanzibar which has trended on Social media below is the post..Its actually sad of what she went through, hope she will heal. Read her story below 👇👇👇 It’s high time I told my horrible...
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    Your Girlfriend View this long weekend

    Polite reminder: Your Girlfriend View this long weekend
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    The other Gender hajamwambia poa

    Btw kama wewe ni dem na hautaki story ya Boychild...its good umwambie in person kando si kuenda kupost picha yake na kumtusi in public...Hii si poa
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    Harmonize aka Konde boy has become the talk of town after setting a record of 1.3M views within 24 seconds after uploading his new music video mdomo on youtube.
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    Mulamwah story Weh

    So Mulamwah shared a beautiful video below making Kenyans believe he was in good terms and back with Carol Sonnie. An hour after video of Mulamwah and Carol trended...Carol Sonnie reacted and denied claims they are back together this is what she wrote. Some section of Kenyans shared...
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    Whats happening in South Sudan??..This is just Sad 😥

    *DISCLAIMER!! IF ANY OF THE INFO POSTED BELOW IS FALSE KINDLY INBOX FOR US TO PULL DOWN* This is just sad what is happening in South Sudan.There have been alleged reports of attacks by armed youth,they burned homes into ashes .This has been reported by Emmanuel Jal , he shared a post below My...
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    Mmeona hii story ya Njoro wa Churchill Show Weh

    Former Churchill show comedian George Maina Njoroge known to many as comedian Njoro is the talk of town after he was recently spotted at a Keg joint looking disturbed and stressed while drinking alcohol. Njoro was spotted by a guy known as Kinyua wa Muthoni who narrated the whole ordeal on...